In this video, I demonstrate several techniques for leveraging AI tools for RPGs.

It’s my longest video yet - I might have gotten carried away… ;)

I cover the following tools:

  • ChatGPT
    • Unless you’re living under a rock, you’ve likely heard some buzz about this in recent weeks
    • A surprisingly powerful and versatile AI chat bot
    • Just be aware that it will make occasionally shit up, i.e. provide responses that look and sound plausible but are factually incorrect
  • Midjourney
    • A cool Discord based generative AI artwork tool
    • Just one example of AI tools to generate art (others might be Dall-E 2 or Stable Diffusion)
    • I focus mostly on text in the video, but wanted to give at least an example of how you might use generative artwork
  • Notion AI (Bonus)
    • Not really an AI tool, but a note taking app, similar to OneNote or Evernote
    • But they are currently running a beta that incorporates some of these AI capabilities and makes them easily accessible. That seamless integration makes it highly efficient.

And I cover the following techniques:

  • Creating an RPG setting premise
  • Creating campaign and adventure outlines
  • Creating locations with plot hooks
  • Creating NPCs and monsters
  • Creating random encounter tables
  • Creating descriptions for a hex crawl
  • Creating a calendar and holidays for a fantasy setting
  • Creating a pantheon for a fantasy setting
  • Creating artwork for inspirational purposes

There’s too much to describe here in detail, so go ahead and watch the video if this sounds interesting. You might be surprised by how powerful these tools are, and how much they can help you plan and run RPGs.