I know not everyone likes them, but I’m a sucker for GM screens. At the same time, official GM screens usually don’t include the exact information I need. Too often, they include obscure random tables that I rarely (if ever) need, while omitting critical information that I need to reference all the time.

Therefore, I like the idea of customizable screens such as this one (branded as a Savage Worlds screen, but really just a generic 3-panel screen with various inserts available online).

Recently, I picked up the mini version of “The Worlds Greatest Screen” by Hammerdog Games (see bottom of the linked page). It consists of six 4"x6" panels in portrait format, with sleeves on both sides. Since I’ve been reading a lot about Fate Core and Fate Accelerate recently, and am in fact planning to run my gaming group through a FAE one-shot soon, I figured this would be a great opportunity to create a custom FAE mini GM screen.

In addition to (hopefully) coming in handy during the game, I found this to be a useful exercise in internalizing the game mechanics. Having to distill all the (to me) critical information into this limited amount of space forced me to reread, comprehend, and in some cases paraphrase the information, aiding with memorization.

I tried to keep the layout as logical as possible, while making the best use of the limited space. I’ve added a dash of color, without going overboards, to keep it visually appealing as well as delineate the different sections. I may add some additional panels for the players' side at some point, but this should work for now.

The resulting screen looks like this:

FAE mini GM screen image

You can find the PDF version of the doc here, and the original Apple Pages doc here.

Simply print it and cut each panel along the dotted lines.

I should point out that I borrowed heavily from the quick reference at the end of the Fate Accelerated book. Thanks for creating such an awesome resource, Evil Hat!